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Our organization is a non-profit organization established in April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by staffs of Khiri Travel Myanmar. As the tourism industry came to a standstill, we decided to start a social business model which will ensure on the long run that many organization can get help from volunteers to support social activities.

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As a social business, we have to sustain and pay for small expenses like a website, transport etc. We are looking for more financial support through crowd funding and of course through the support of our partner organizations and we started with a 10 lakhs donation from Khiri Reach. We are looking for more donations from anybody who wants to support long term, sustainable development of the already very active Myanmar volunteer’s scene.

We do accept voluntary financial appreciation from our clients or simply from people who don’t have time to be a volunteer themselves but understand the value of volunteer work and want more people to find an inspiring volunteer job. Donations can be send through this crowdfunding page or simply by sending us a message how you would like to donate (local bank transfer, credit card, mobile money transfers as Wave etc.

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